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Next Level You Training

The biggest reason most people don't achieve their goals is they focus too much on what they want and not on WHO they need to become to make it happen.

The videos below will take you step by step through gaining clarity on who the next version of you looks like.

Once you know, you then need to figure out the habits, behaviors and non-negotiables you need to embody to become that person.

And you need to push yourself to show up as them in everything that you do.

That's how you'll become who you are meant to be.

The Power Of Visualization

Identity Upgrade Exercise

Questions to ask yourself:

1) What changes did that future version of yourself make to get them to where they are?

2) What standards did they set for themselves that they refused to settle for less?


3) What did they decide was no longer serving them and they were going to stop tolerating?


4) What habits, behaviors and actions were non-negotiable every single day?

Identity Upgrade Document

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